What's this

Dry Fire Online is a fun, efficient and affordable dry fire simulator that helps you to become a better shooter!
It has two parts:

The Website

The Laser Training App

Using our Camera App, you can get instant feedback about your shot placement. The app can detect the “red dot” of any common laser training cartridge. In addition, it comes with a shot timer, target scoring, flinch detection system and sound effects (cling!).

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Try it for FREE: Unlimited stages and 2 shots (double tap) per round even without a subscription!

The Camera App requires a monthly subscription, but it’s super affordable and comes with a free trial + free cancellation - so you can try it for free.

If you are a Licensed Firearms Instructor, or if you are just a "normal user", but you are ready to help us with the promotion of Dry Fire Online on social media, you might even get free access to the app as part of the Promotional Access program.

More details: Subscriptions Explained and Camera App Quick Setup Guide.

For more details read the Manual and the Terms of Use & Privacy Policy sections.