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Laser training Using our Camera App, you can get instant feedback about your shot placement. The app can detect the “red dot” of any common laser training cartridge. In addition, it comes with a shot timer, target scoring, flinch detection system and sound effects (cling!).

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Try it for FREE: Unlimited stages and 2 shots (double tap) per round even without a subscription!


Dry Fire Online is a training tool that helps you become a better shooter. It is a website that supports your dry fire training sessions by displaying realistically scaled targets. See here what it means! You can start one of the predefined stages or you can create, save and share your own drills.

Dry Fire Online is free and simple to use, no payment, no registration and no installation is required. It can be used with or without the Camera App. Using it without the Camera App is a great replacement of paper targets that should be stick onto the wall. It is even better, because it scales the targets realistically depending on the distance, and you do not have to stick it anywhere.

Camera App requires a monthly subscription, but it comes with a free trial and free cancellation - so you can test it for free. The Camera App can be used together with the Dry Fire Online website - that is where the targets and the hits are displayed.

Dry Fire Online provides a wide range of exercises for beginner, advanced and competitive shooters starting from simple drills to improve the sight picture, sight alignment, drawing, reloading, to dynamic IPSC, IDPA, USPSA, GSSF, SASP, Steel Challenge and ISSF Olympic drills.

You can choose between:

Training with Dry Fire Online is simple, all you need is an internet browser. It works on your PC, Mac, notebook, tablet, smart TV, game console - if you have a browser like Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox.

The Camera App turns your smartphone or tablet into a laser detector. It is available for Apple iPhone and iPad.

For more details read the Manual and the Terms of Use & Privacy Policy sections.